Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Boris & Merzbow - Megatone

1. It Continues Waiting For A Headronefish (23:26)
2. Encounter With The Inside Of The Wavemotion Of Great Water Fuzz (20:04)
3. ...And Texas Spaceship (17:56)

Three extended pieces from Japanese doomanoids Boris and noiselord Merzbow. Mr. Akita takes a backseat for the later two-thirds of the record, allowing Wata's otherworldly guitarring to channel spirits in the forefront, especially on "Encounter...". This is easily my favorite of the Boris/Akita colabs, trumping the Walrus/Groon EP released earlier this year and Sun Baked Snow Cave, both on Hydra Head. Boris fans take note that Boris is not on full-on doom mode here, opting to give air to the space-Boris hidden within.



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