Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sonic Youth - 06-07-2001 Paris, France @ Olympia

1. Intro
2. Having Never Written A Note For Percussion/Voice Piece For Soprano (Part I: Against the Wind)
3. Six/Voice Piece For Soprano (Part II: Against the Wall)
4. Treatise/Voice Piece For Soprano (Part III: Against the Sky)
5. Clapping Music
6. Four6
7. Side2Side
8. She Is Not Alone
9. NYC Ghosts and Flowers (encore)

This is the first show on the short tour SY embarked upon for the fourth installment of the SYR series, Goodbye 20th Century, a record of covers of 20th Century avante garde composers. As you can probably guess, this is the more "out there" Sonic Youth, so don't expect to hear "Tom Violence" (although the set is followed up with an encore of "NYC Ghosts and Flowers"). Cool show with lots of guests, in addition to Jim O'Rourke. Richard Edson, SY's original drummer, makes an appearance on "She Is Not Alone", and William Winant and Christian Fennesz both do their thing.


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