Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dead Reptile Shrine - A Journey Through the Darkest of Forests

1. Bones in the Dungeon
2. A Cave Full of Corpse Lanterns
3. Fire and Flame
4. Songs For the Deadwood
5. Feuer und Stahl
6. Violencia
7. Diabolical Plague
8. The Snakes of the Earth, Pt. II
9. Exekutioner of the Final Solution
10. Above the Ziggurat They Dance
11. Transformation
12. Our Feast of Victory
13. Reversion to an Ancient Form
14. Clouds of Doom Gather...
15. Dawnfires at the Lake
16. A Beastcults Procession

Oft mentioned is the adjective "filth" when describing the recent crop of Finnish black metal. Dead Reptile Shrine is, by far, the filthiest of them all... I don't know if black metal even begins to describe the madness that is DRS. Another review likened this to noise rockers Harry Pussy, and that isn't too far off the mark. This is easily the strangest black metal release I've heard, and that's definitely not a bad thing. This is raw, unhinged, possibly insane "music"... wandering the boundries between ritual chanting, BM, noise, ambient and folk.



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