Saturday, August 25, 2007

DEVO - Hardcore DEVO Vol.2

1. Booji Boy's Funeral
2. Can You Take It
3. Bamboo Bimbo
4. A Plan For U
5. The Rope Song
6. Goo Goo Itch
7. Be Stiff
8. All of Us
9. Baby Talkin' Bitches
10. I Need A Chick
11. You Got Me Bugged
12. Chango
13. Freulein
14. Dogs of Democracy
15. 37
16. Bottled Up
17. Working In A Coalmine
18. I Been Refused
19. Fountain of Filth
20. Clockout
21. Let's Go

Raw DEVO! Crude, unrefined, and absolutely the best thing to crawl out of the depths of Akron, Ohio. The pop factor heard on the first volume of the series is largely unfound on Vol. 2... not exactly radio fodder, but then again, DEVO was never a radio band. No band before or since has made cheap synths sound so dirty, wrong and AWESOME. "Baby Talkin' Bitches" and "Bottled Up" are classic DEVO, outshining just about everything on this comp, while "I Need A Chick" is uncharachteristically David Allen Coe on a Stones kick. There's still plenty of totally fucked moments, "U Got Me Bugged" and "Chango" heading up that regiment. "I'm envious of your IQ of... 37 (37)"



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