Friday, August 17, 2007

Cathedral - Soul Sacrifice EP

1. Soul Sacrifice
2. Autumn Twilight
3. Frozen Rapture
4. Golden Blood (Flooding)

Time to kick off the weekend right with a pair of Cathedral jams straight from the early 90's. "Soul Sacrifice", pulled from the incredible doom masterpiece Forest of Equillibrium, was chosen as a single by the ill-fated Columbia/Earache alliance. The following three spliffs are non-album b-sides. These four tracks also appeared on the oddly titled Earache comp Gods of Grind (of the four included bands, Confessor, Cathedral, Carcass and Entombed, only Carcass was grindin'...), albeit in a different order. Cathedral have always been great at adding psych flourishes to the Sabbathitude, and "Golden Blood" is a prime example.


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