Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jesu - Heartache

1. Heartache (19:42)
2. Ruined (20:13)

With a combined running time of forty minutes, the two tracks comprising Heartache epitomize the Jesu ethic, albeit on a much larger, more epic scale. Harsh, doom-laden guitar riffs, bludgeoning drums, iced with a beautiful melancholly. Justin Broadrick, Jesu's mastermind, should be known to many as a former member of Napalm Death, Head of David, and especially Godflesh. Jesu, to a point, is an extension of Broadrick's work as Godflesh. The urban anxiety, the internalized frustration of having to live with other people is intact, given room to breathe and grow into it's own organism. And while I'd wholeheartedly recommend everything by Jesu, this EP is as good as any point to start.


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