Monday, August 13, 2007

Periscope: Another YoYo Compilation

1. Mukilteo Fairies - Bloody Breath
2. Go Sailor - Last Year
3. Excuse 17 - Sevenwhateverteen
4. Fitz of Depression - Piss Butt
5. Love As Laughter - Super Christ
6. Tummy Ache - Purple Violet Squish
7. Raggedy Ann - Orange Juice Star
8. Cub - Flaming Red Bobsled
9. The Crabs - Chubbette
10. Appleseed - High
11. Bloodthirsty Butchers - I Hate You
12. Neutral Milk Hotel - Bucket
13. Long Hind Legs - Dress In My Bed
14. Tattle Tale - Girls Go To Heaven
15. Team Dresch - Fake Fight
16. Copass Grinders - Bakuoni
17. Beck - The World May Loose Its Motion

I had ordered this through the fine folks at the K Records mailorder way back in high school when this 1994 compilation came out, and it's been one of my very favorite comps ever since. I had ordered this for the Beck track (which appears nowhere else), and was turned on to more bands in the active NW mid-90's scene. This comp crosses all genres of indie rock, from the cuddle-core of Cub to the rockin' punk of the late, great Fitz of Depression, to the homocore of the overrated Team Dresch, to the AmRep-style noise rock of Long Hind Legs. The highlights are the beautifully melancholy "Bucket" by Neutral Milk Hotel, the pre-Isis jamming of the Bloodthirsty Butchers and the contribution by the Mukilteo Fairies (who's singer could have been great in a black metal band), "Bloody Breath". I don't know how many scene compilations I've heard that I can't listen to all the way through... Periscope bucks the trend hard, keeping the quality consistent and creating a solid listen. Enjoy.



Steven said...

Hey - Thought you may be interested to know - Joshua Plague of Mukulteo Ferries did sing for a band called Behead the Prophet (no lord shall live), that, while not exactly black metal, were pretty close. They did one album (not sure of the label) which also features violin by Micheal Griffen of free noise unit Noggin. Great stuff, punky metal w/ Josh's vocals sparring w/ Micheal's furious violin! Cheers>>>> Steve

Monolith said...

Thanks for the heads up! I'll have to keep my eye out for that... it sounds familiar, but I can't say I've heard it.


zokuchou said...
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