Friday, August 3, 2007

Transmission0 - 0

1. Journey
2. San Miguel
3. Dust Like Sand
4. Ether
5. The Return
6. Serenity
7. U-Boot
8. Vs. Vampire
9. Xxxx
10. Xxxxxx

Transmission0 (I don't really get the 0 at the end of the name, but whatever) are Dutch. They make a very modern hybrid of doom, black metal, noise/art metal and manage to make it a cohesive sound. Spots on o recall Khanate, Tribes of Neurot, Emperor, Isis and many more. In fact, Isis may be the closest comparison, yet still quite a ways from the mark. The vocals at times can impart a hardcore influence, making this, i guess, in some part, metalcore? Not really... I haven't heard the latest, Memory of a Dream, but I'll mos def be checking it out after letting this spin.


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