Monday, August 6, 2007

Devo - Hardcore Devo Volume 1

1. Mechanical Man
2. Auto Modown
3. Space Girl Blues
4. Social Fools
5. Soo Bawls
6. Satisfaction
7. Jocko Homo
8. Golden Energy
9. Buttered Beauties
10. Midget
11. I'm A Potato
12. Uglatto
13. Stop Look and Listen
14. Ono
15. Mongoloid

Essential early recordings by the essential DEVO. Pre-Q: Are We Not Men?... recordings showcase the absolute brilliance of one of the finest bands to grace our ugly planet. Several of these (the cover of the Stones' "Satisfaction", "Jocko Homo" and "Mongoloid") went on to become certified Devo classics, the others left to languish in obscurity. The wicked sharp sense of humor and outright weirdness is all intact here, shining from the elastic tools of the new traditionalists. "Social Fools" could have become another cult hit, had it been rerecorded for one of the later records... mindboggling that this isn't in print.


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