Thursday, August 16, 2007

Prurient - Black Vase

1. Roman Shower
2. Silent Mary
3. Sorry Robin
4. Silver Flashlight
5. The Black Vase
6. Back Cuts
7. Whipped Hole
8. Soft Crack
9. Lord of Love
10. Myth of Love

If you're like me, and enjoy putting yourself through the aural equivilent of sandpaper to the face, Prurient is 40 grit. However, while this record is a great way to piss off those who don't "get" noise, it's also much more than that. Pieces are constructed of violent shards, dissonance colliding with dissonance, and great are the rewards for the patient, foolish and careful. Tread this delapidated boardwalk lightly. Herr Fernow's live act is a spectacle to be witnessed and absorbed... one man, one mic, one amp, one shitload of pedals. Absolutely the most intense performance I've had the fortune of seeing.


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Dan said...

Curses, another broken link - looks like I'll actually have to buy the CD now!