Monday, July 30, 2007

Drowning the Light - A World Long Dead

1. Tears of a Dead God
2. The Haunted Ruins of a Vampyric Soul
3. Dark Whispers of Torment
4. Fate Forged in the Name of Satan
5. Mysteriius Anguis
6. Nostalgic Grief
7. A World Long Dead (Time Heals Nothing)

Best Black Metal cassette release from Australia so far this year. For real. I'm really digging this. "Haunted Ruins..." has one of the most emotionally wracked vocal performances I've heard on a BM record maybe ever, and takes My Bloody Valentine guitar melody and transfuses it's blood with Leviathan's. The band's Myspace page reveals that the lone member is Azgorh, and also hurts to look at. Please change the font color or remove that fucking picture. Anyway, this record kicks ass and beats out the rest of your poseur Black Metal collection.


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