Monday, July 2, 2007

Sarin - Nihilist

1. tektoniks
2. 6:66
3. Red Army
4. War of the Worlds

According to what I've read, there were only 80 copies of this sole release by the band on cassette produced, taking the Way Back Machine once again to 1996. Fanns of Sunn O)))/Khanate/Burning Witch/Aethenor/Thorr's Hammer will be pleased to know that the two members of Sarin were drone demigod Stephen O'Malley and fellow Burning Witch member, Edgy 59. This shit is straight up electronic noise. Bits are interesting, but it's definitely not the best release by any party involved. Fans of harsh noise ala Merzbow/Prurient/Giffoni may dig this.


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