Saturday, July 14, 2007

Burzum - Aske

1. Feeble Screams From Forests Unknown
2. Ea, Lord of the Depths
3. Spell of Destruction
4. Channeling the Power of Souls Into a New God
5. War
6. The Crying Orc
7. Dominus Sathanas

Time for some black metal. Why not start with Burzum? The cover depicts a burned out Norweigan church (courtesy of Varg Vikernes), so you know this shit means business. Varg's got one of the most distinct and oft imitated voices in black metal, and it's in raw condition on Aske. It's hard to believe this came out in 1993, before the deluge of imitators had flooded cut-out bins and mailorders. This shit is raw-ass black metal... there's an overall sense of malaise and despair that comes through the entire EP, and especially in the vocals. Arguably the best Burzum release.


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