Saturday, July 28, 2007

Psycho Realm - s/t

1. Psycho City Blocks
2. Showdown
3. The Big Payback
4. Premonitions
5. Interlude/Stone Garden/Interlude
6. Temporary Insanity
7. Doors Intro/Confessions of a Drug Addict
8. The Psycho Ward/Who Are You Interlude
9. Love Letters Intro/Love From the Sick Side
10. R.U. Experience/Outro
11. Psyclones
12. Lost Cities
13. La Conecta Pt. 1
14. La Conecta Pt. 2

Oh shit... how did I not pick up on this record sooner? This project completely flew under my radar. Psycho Realm isn't an offshoot of Cypress, contrary to semi-popular opinion... B-Real found the two brothers, Sick Jacken and Duke, so completely rad he joined up and put out this record. The beats aren't a far cry from Muggs' shit from the same era... these tracks are all produced by Jacken, some co-produced by B-Real. It's a wonder this didn't get more attention, because this disc is easily the best hip hop record of 1997.

Gotta thank Egypto for hipping me to this.



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