Sunday, July 29, 2007

Reverend Kriss Hades - The Wind Of Orion

1. Pyramids of War and the Destruction of Enemies
2. Black Mass Murder (Satanic Version)
3. Final Execution (Ouija Version)
4. Luciferion
5. Meditation of the Midnight Candle Practice
6. The Burial

If Michael Angelo Batio put his mind to Black Metal, way better drugs and Satanism, then decided to play Merzbow records on his guitar, it might sound something like this... Rev. Hades is/was the guitarist of Australian Black Metal demons Sadistik Exekution. "Meditation..." is absolutely near the top of my list of coolest things I've ever heard. If Black Metal had a Eddie Van Halen, RKH is it... yet this isn't a flashy wankfest of masturbatory soloing. There's plenty of atmosphere provided to flesh out the Reverend's nightmarish soundscapes.