Thursday, July 5, 2007

Medicine - The Buried Life

1. The Pink
2. Babydoll
3. Slut
4. She Knows Everything
5. Something Goes Wrong
6. Never Click
7. Fried Awake
8. Beneath the Sands
9. Emmeline
10. I Hear
11. Live It Down
12. The Earth Is Soft and White

Not to say that this is a bad record (it's not even close), but I've never liked it as much as Shot Forth Self Living. Medicine repeats the opening track salvo of trebled-out fuzz guitar found in "One More" with "The Pink". There are a few low points to this record, and the highlights aren't quite as bright as SFSL. Still, acid-fried distortion baths are to be found on "Never Click" and "She Knows Everything". There are also two noise pieces, "Emmeline", sandwiched in the middle, and the closer "The Earth is Soft and White". Still pretty blissed.


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