Monday, July 2, 2007

Space Needle - Voyager

1. Eyes to the World
2. "Dreams"
3. Put It On the Glass
4. Beers In Heaven
5. Patrick Ewing
6. Starry Eyes
7. Before I Lose My Style
8. Scientific Mapp - Junkys Fingers - Callwood's Lament

Voyager is the 1996 record by spacerock/shoegaze/lofi indie band Space Needle. The tracks shift from genre to genre, yet retain the core Space Needle sound. Guided By Voices and '70's krautrock seem to be big inspirations here... not so much as direct influences, but as a hand guiding the Space Needle. "Beers In Heaven" is a dreamy GBV-like lo-fi swirling of chorused guitar. "Before I Lose My Style" reminds of a more upbeat Spacemen 3 in the garage. Cool album, wish this band got more recognition...



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