Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Kelley Deal 6000 - Go To the Sugar Altar

1. Canyon
2. How About Hero
3. Dammit
4. Sugar
5. A Hundred Tires
6. Head of the Cult
7. Nice
8. Trixie Delicious
9. Marooned
10. Tick Tock
11. Mr. Goodnight

All Kim Deal fans should have this record. No, they require it. Her sister Kelley has similar tastes, a similar style of writing. Those who enjoyed Last Splash and Pod should dig this... "Nice" sounds like Last Splash-era Breeders covering Siamese Dream reject/b-side "Spaced"... and it's wonderful. A lot of this wouldn't sound out of place on earlier Pixies records... Kelley's vocal delivery sounds an awful lot like Frank Black's at times, which makes for an interesting twist for those intimate with the Pixies. Fondness for open ringing chords and straight-from-the-moonlit-beach reverb are unabashed, as is the penchant for out of tune surf guitar solos.



Greg said...

Great album. "Tick Tock" is such a great song. Bonus points for Kelley namedropping Jerry Reed in "Head of the Cult".

Greg said...

Any Honey Tongue/Josephine Wiggs Experience tracks to post?

Monolith said...

Unforntunately not... I've got some great Breeders boots I can up if you're interested...

Saw the JWE open for Lucious Jackson years ago... they were better than good.

Greg said...

Oh dip, I meant to go to that JWE show but couldn't make it. Of course that was the only time they played Mpls.