Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jabberjaw: Good To the Last Drop

1. Girls Against Boys - Magattraction
2. Unwound - Broken E Strings
3. Hole - Rock Star (Alternate version)
4. Hammerhead - Cleaning Woman
5. Beck - In A Cold Ass Fashion
6. Teenage Fanclub - Total Weirdness
7. Slug - Borax
8. Chokebore - Narrow
9. Mule - Charger
10. Helmet - Turned Out (live)
11. Southern Culture On the Skids - Jabberjammin'
12. Karp - Rocky Mountain Rescue
13. Jawbox - Chump II
14. Surgery - Little Girl
15. Unsane - Blew
16. Seaweed - My Letters
17. Inch - Buzzers and Bells
18. that dog. - Explain
19. further - Rich Kids

A nice time capsule of the mid-ninties quasi-underground rock scene... a little heavy on the noise rock with entries from Unsane, Hammerhead, Helmet and Slug (not the Atmosphere Slug). Beck's "Cold Ass Fashion" is the standout, along with Karp's savage "Rocky Mountain Rescue", maybe the first song I've ever heard making extensive use of a fire bell. This comp came out on Mammoth in 1994 as a benefit for the Jabberjaw showspace/gallery in Los Angeles. I've heard that the space went under a few years ago, but this compilation stands as an artifact of the scene. Nice Coop artwork on the cover, too.


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