Saturday, June 23, 2007

Aphex Twin - Ventolin

1. Ventolin (salbutamol mix)
2. Ventolin (PRAZE-AN-BEEBLE mix)
3. Ventolin (MARAZANVOSE mix)
4. Ventolin (PLAIN-AN-GWARRY mix)
5. Ventolin (THE COPPICE mix)
6. Ventolin (CROWSMENGEGUS mix)
7. Ventolin (wheeze mix)
8. Ventolin (CARHARRACK mix)
9. Ventolin (PROBUS mix)
10. Ventolin (cyclob mix)
11. Ventolin (deep gong mix) (Luke Vibert)
12. Ventolin (asthma beats mix)

Usually these extended remix EPs fall flat, too much of the same song, and too little variety in the remixing. Each of these mixes stands on their own, markedly different from the track that came before it. "Ventolin" may be the furthest our friend indeed Richard D. James has gotten from "easy listening". It's the harshest Twin track I've heard, sounding much how I wanted Nine Inch Nails to sound back when I was in middle school. As usual, he puts his touch of mindfuckery all over the place, and few dull moments are to be found. Beats range from the trip hoppy to the mechanical industrial hellride of the original. Luke Vibert provides the stoned beats for the Deep Gong mix, topped with a subtle dose of an acid ripple.


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