Friday, June 22, 2007

Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso UFO & Escapade - A Thousand Shades of Grey

1. Escapade - Because Because Because 17:58
2. AMT & TMP UFO - European Sun 28:06
3. Escapade - Transformation 2 13:30

Picked up this jobbidoo for the AMT track, but ended up digging the Escapade tracks a lot more. Those familiar with AMT will probably still lap this up, but I thought Escapade has the stronger tracks on this split. Released in 2003 on Funfundvierzig (45), a german label. The first track starts off with an organ drone and continues into what sounds like Tangerine Dream jamming with Can at times (absolutely not a bad thing). The AMT half-hour track is an ambient (!) synth piece, and not quite the psych guitar freakout I was hoping for... still, not bad. The closer, Escapade's "Transformation 2" is a kraut-rocky loper taking cues from stoned out 70's progginess. In all, a solid record.

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