Monday, June 18, 2007

Beck - Loser US CD single

1. Loser (LP Version)
2. Corvette Bummer
3. Alcohol
4. Soul Suckin Jerk (Reject)
5. Fume

Another Beck single, another slew of great b-sides. The whiny high-pitched sound in "Corvette Bummer" makes me think about those plastic witches and ghosts people used to hang by their doors on Halloween... I think they made that noise... right? "Alchohol" is one of my very favorite Beck tunes, very mellow, melodic, melancholy. This single contains the superior version of "Soul Suckin Jerk". The beats are dope as fuck, and has a verse not appearing on Mellow Gold. I remember being at a First Avenue dance night (SNDP or something) about ten years ago and hearing "Fume" over the soundsystem... blew my mind for a couple reasons: a) I couldn't believe they were playing a weird Beck b-side, and b) this might be the least danceable Beck song in existence. Comedy...

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