Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sonic Youth 04-07-1996

1. Teenage Riot
2. Bull in the Heather
3. Starfield Road
4. Washing Machine
5. Junkie's Promise
6. Saucer-Like
7. Becuz
8. Sugar Kane
9. Skip Tracer
10. Skink
11. Diamond Sea

Live at the Easter Festival, Philipshalle in Dusseldorf, Germany. My personal favorite bootleg from the Washing Machine era, this show has been booted several times, under various names. This show contains a wicked 20+ minute version of "The Diamond Sea", a bitchin' version of "Becuz" and the DDN opener "Teenage Riot" to kick things off. Kim's vocals are absolutely on point, making this one of the best SY shows I've heard from the mid-nineties. Thanks to Andrei for noticing the tracklisting was incorrect. If you had previously D/L'd this show, the correct song order is listed above. Sorry... wasn't paying attention.


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