Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Yes, Natasha...

Boris- Live 04-29-2006

1. Feedbacker

2. The Evilone Which Sobs

3. Just Abandoned Myself

Here we have Boris in fine form blasting out "Feedbacker" and two other jams in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Those not familiar with Boris can expect a slow and heavy crawl, often culminating in a psychedelic freakout of epic proportions.

My first exposure to Boris came in 2006, seeing them play the McGuire Theater in the Walker Art Center here in Minneapolis along with Sunn O))) and Oren Ambarchi. I'm not sure who stole the show, but Boris definitely was in the running. As for their guitarist, Wata, bigger riffs have never come from such a small body. I couldn't believe I hadn't heard of them before seeing them live... the next day I picked up their last release on Southern Lord, the excellent Pink, and ended up scouring local record shops and the internet for everything I could get my hands on.


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