Sunday, September 16, 2007

Peordh - An Obscure Forgotton Path

1. Hail to Those Born In a Lost Age
2. Hate and Mystery, Mystery and Hate
3. Lost...
4. Time of Honour, Gone
5. Though the Darkness Sometimes Fades
6. Under Dreary Pouring Sky and Morbid Waking
7. And So My World Melts...

P = Peordh. Existential black metal hailing from the icy lands of Newport News, Virginia. An Obscure Forgotten Path manages to be extremely alienating, yet drawing the listener further inside the emanating desperation and social solitude. Once the production is accounted for and the atmosphere is set, Dreogan builds an isolationist black metal masterpiece from the lo-fi drones, minimalist riffs developing internal transportation to one's center. This was released late last year, giving this country hope for more outstanding domestic black metal. Oh, dude also released a demo in 2005 under the name Bergelmir.



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metro/sea said...

just came across the blog. thanks for all the great posts. please keep it up.