Saturday, September 1, 2007

Bardo Pond - Live 04.03.2006

1. Amur (33:52)
2. Walking Clouds (12:14)

Welcome to the second installment in what I hope to be a full month of alphabetical madness. I'm attempting to get something up starting with each and every letter, in order. Here we have exhibit B. Bardo Pond have the distinction of being the very first band I've ever self-described as "drug music". I'm sure they wouldn't take offense, as song titles and records of theirs have been titled with references to obscure psychoactive substances. Unsuprisingly, the music is extremely conducive to "zoning out"... Bardo Pond often create that "transportation" effect I seek out and seldom find. The listener is drawn out of his/her immediate existence and brought into another world where blissful drones and dissonance build into a delta-9 soaked lather. I have never seen them in a live setting, but for now this recorded document shall have to suffice.


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