Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hanadensha - Narcotic Guitar

1. Sanctuary
2. Sun/Sex
3. Sugar
4. Star
5. Stone
6. Space
7. Salamander
8. Sweet/Sky
9. Sanders
10. Spiral
11. Summer/Speed
12. Spiritual
13. Sacrifice
14. Sea/Smoke
15. Soul

H = Hanadensha. Boredoms side project in full effect. Supposedly the name translates to something like "Electric Flower Car". Anyway, this is the side band of Hira, the Boredoms' bassist and happens to be one of the trippiest psych records I've had the pleasure of hearing. Bubbling and percussive tracks give way to droning psych jams give way to lysergic lounge music. "Sugar" is my new summer jam.



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