Monday, September 10, 2007

Leviathan - Howl Mockery At the Cross

1. Summoning Lupine
2. Lycanthropus Rex
3. The Axis and Maw of Inferno, Mine
4. Where Annhilation Dwells
5. Liar of Nazareth
6. Just Under Tainted Grace
7. S.W.O.L. (2001)
8. Never For Peace
9. Those Slimy Things
10. Nothing Changes

L = Leviathan. That voice. Truly one of the most talented screamers in the biz, Wrest (who comprises the whole of Leviathan) is defined by his ability to vomit shrieks and howls beyond the reach of mortal man, as well as the uncanny talent affording this sphere his brand of black metal. Howl Mockery At the Cross is a collection of blackened to the core demos and unreleased tracks. "Lycanthropus Rex" brilliantly melts faces in true Leviathan fashion... and at times over the course of the record, as a big "fuck you" to black metallers everywhere, the bass is audible in the mix! True fucking darkness.



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COOL RANCH said...

i heard this chap was a gem. Can't wait to hear, thanks, sista!

Monolith said...

This is a pretty good intro to Leviathan if you aren't familiar.


Be miserable, I mean.

Jeff Beard said...

Great Blog!